For Pete Acquisto, making it up as he goes along is part of the job. “Making miniatures is problem solving, and that’s how I view making miniature silver.” Acquisto starting working in his father’s custom woodshop at the age of 14 where he learned how to carve and work with power tools. Five years later, he went into business with a friend selling Indian jewelry. There he learned silversmithing by working with the artisans he hired.

His miniature career actually started on a whim when he made a plate, goblet, and coffee pot for his sister’s friend to take to a fine-scale show. After she came back with a bunch of orders, Acquisto Silver was born. Since then, Acquisto has used techniques from his furniture and jewelry-making days to build a portfolio of over 200 Georgian, Victorian, and Queen Anne silver pieces in 1:12 scale. Acquisto says that engravings and small parts like hinges, feet, and legs are the hardest, but he loves the challenge.

Pete Acquisto is our first “Small Talk” feature of over sixty artists who are participating in Miniature Masterworks, September 15-17, 2017.