If you follow the miniature community on Instagram or Facebook, you have probably already been mesmerized by the work of Jon Almeda. Not only does he throw his miniature ceramics on a wheel, but he has created a small portable one to take to the natural settings that inspire him the most. A native of Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, Almeda’s pieces reflect the calm, cool dark waters and textures of the ocean, and the tall evergreens and luscious flora of each area.

Almeda has always gone to the extremes. His early philosophy was “bigger is better” as he endeavored to create large clay works. This outlook changed when he stumbled upon Creating Ceramic Miniatures, a book by Carla and John Kenny. As Almeda Pottery, he now strives to make 1:12 scale pieces with such detail and proportion that they trick the viewers into thinking that they are much larger than they really are.

Jon Almeda is one of over sixty artists participating in Miniature Masterworks, September 15-17, 2017.